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Techsmith Camtasia

Tools: Techsmith Camtasia, Canva

Deliverables: Camtasia Video, Storyboard

Email Etiquette

Business Purpose: Email etiquette isn't just about good manners. It serves a critical business purpose that contributes to efficient communication, maintaining professional relationships and protecting the organizations reputation.  By adopting proper email etiquette, businesses can foster a more productive and harmonious work environment.  This video offers quick, key tips about professional expectations in our email correspondence to clients, coworkers and business colleagues.

Learning Goals: Learners will identify why email etiquette is so important and key items needed to include in a professional email.



Mastering Home Video Interviews

Business Purpose: "Mastering Home Video Interviews" is designed to empower individuals and organizations with the skills and knowledge to excel in the rapidly evolving landscape of remote interviews. As the modern workforce continues to embrace work and virtual hiring processes, mastering the art of participating in home interviews has become a critical success factor in securing job opportunities.

Learning Goals: Learners will be able to identify the key elements of a professional interview workspace and identify essential strategies for interview preparation.


Tools: Vyond, Canva

Deliverables: Vyond Video, Storyboard

Articulate Storyline Microlearning Tool

Tools: Articulate Storyline

The ADDIE Model

Business Purpose:   This project provides companies a quick tool to refresh the metholodgy of the ADDIE process for the learning and development team, or employees new to the process.

Learning Goals:  To teach new and aspiring instructional designers the steps used in the highly-effective ADDIE methodology of instructional design and development.


Job Aids

Daily Habits for Stress Management

Business Purpose: Created as a quick reference aid to accompany the Stress Management Articulate Rise course.  This material provides an organized step-by-step list of practical ways employees can work to manage their daily stress to maintain well-being and productivity.

Learning Goals:  Create daily habits to better manage stress proactively and increase job performance.


Tips for Creating a Cozy, Productive Workspace

Business Purpose: Created as a quick reference aid to accompany the vILT powerpoint Effective Remote Work Strategies.  This document serves as a quick-reference guide for simple tips to create an effective workspace for accomplishing work projects in a home work environment.  This job aid ensures health and safety compliance and supports the organization's overall performance and success.

Learning Goals:  To create an environment where they can manage deadlines and reduce the stress of disorganization, while accomplishing it in a comfortable workspace.