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Articulate Storyline

Tools: Articulate Storyline, Wellsaid Labs, Canva

Deliverables: eLearning Course, Design Document, Storyboard

Purity Yoga Introductory Course

Business Purpose: Providing an introductory yoga course serves multiple business purposes from securing a new customer base to community building, while promoting a holistic approach to health and wellness.  As students complete the introductory course and experience the benefits of yoga, they are more inclined to continue their practice and enroll in more advanced courses or longer-term memberships. This helps build a loyal customer base for the yoga business.

Learning Goals: Identify the benefits of yoga, what is needed for their practice and tips to creating their own practice.


Articulate Rise

Tools: Articulate Rise, Articulate Storyline, Canva

Deliverables: eLearning Course, Design Document, Job Aid Supplemental

Stress Management in the Workplace

Business Purpose: Managing stress in the workplace is not only beneficial for employees' well-being, but also serves numerous business purposes.  It enhances productivity, reduces turnover, boosts morale and job satisfaction, and contributes to a positive organizational culture.  Additionally it can lead to improved team dynamics, creativity and innovation while reducing health care costs and employee retention.

Learning Goals:  Identify triggers and learn how to better manage them proactively.