Welcome and thank you for visiting my page!  I am an enthusiastic and motivated instructional designer and eLearning developer, driven by my passion to create effective and impactful learning experiences. My primary goal is to design and deliver training programs that not only align with organizational objectives but also cater to the diverse learning needs of participants.

Check out my areas of expertise!


Interactive, digital learning that meets your learners where they are and provides them with the tools to put the learning into action.

Instructional Design

Providing a goal-oriented, objectives-driven snapshot of what the learning will provide.


Enhancing learning in the most efficient and fun way possible through bite-sized pieces of engaging content.


Providing instructors and learners a platform to facilitate interactive, personalized, hands-on instruction and growth.

Applied Instructional Design Academy Credentials

Applied Instructional Design Academy is a rigorous 9-month program in which learners design and develop learning modules and design deliverables. Materials are then put through a review process and examined by experienced instructional designers. Extensive feedback is given for the purposes of implementing multiple redesign and revision cycles.   

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SSGI Six Sigma Global Institute